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Contact Us

A sign on the Mora Industries, Inc. builidng explains the company's purpose.


Industries, Incorporated - headquarters
500 S. Walnut Street, Mora, MN 55051
fax 320.679.2355

Industries, Incorporated - satelite location
601 S. Cleveland Street, Cambridge, MN 55008
fax 763.552.1281

Email: Joyce Spicer (jspicer@industriesinc.org),
telephone 763-689-5434 extension 10



Stone monument-style sign at Industries, Inc. in Mora, MN.

Employment Opportunities

Industries, Inc. lists all openings on the Minnesota Job Bank. View job openings at minnesotaworks.net.

Download our Employment Application. (pdf)







Board of Directors

Daryl Peterson, Board Chair
Bruce Montgomery, Vice Chair
Kevin Troupe, Treasurer
Jodie Billstrom
Susan Morris
Naomi Plemon
Margaret Wentworth